Everything and Nothing

What you do in life means everything and nothing.

It means everything because as far as we know you only get one life.  That’s it, one bite at the apple and you’re done.  So if you waste it, and you don’t do what you want, you’ll never get a chance to do it again once your time is up.

But on the flip side, what you do in life means nothing because, to paraphrase Hugh’s landlord, one day you’ll be dead and none of this will matter.  That time you peed your pants in 5th grade, or you won the state championship, or you bombed a test, or you got that promotion, or your business failed, none of it will matter because you’ll be gone.  And eventually so will everyone else who remembers that stuff too.  And then you’ll really be gone.

So don’t let your personal myth delude you into inaction.  Don’t waste days and months and years capitulating to fear and doubt.  Very little damage done in life is irreparable, few paths are true dead ends, and nobody is that interested in what you’re doing.  Nobody will remember your big flop or your grand embarrassment in fewer years than you’d probably care to think about.  The only person your time here really matters to is you because we know for a fact that you will run out of it.  Don’t let that happen before you get what you want out of this place.


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