Ideally you’d get an idea of what you’re interested in middle school.  Ideally you’d use your time in high school to dabble around, and then go on to college or whatever your next step is and really start focusing.  Ideally by the time you’re an adult, you’ve put your ten-thousand hours in and are a master at whatever grabbed you all those years ago.  Ideally.

But ideally doesn’t work out for everybody.  Some of us don’t figure out what we like, or become confident or gutsy enough to really try at it, until we’re older.  That’s okay.  Trying new things is fun and fulfilling at any age.  So is rededicating yourself to something you put down and walked away from and told yourself all sorts of lies about to keep from missing.  As long as you’ve got the curiosity and the will to try, the rest is just follow-through.  You might never be great at whatever your thing is, or good enough to make a living at it, but that never should have been the point in the first place, should it?

Being a late bloomer is better than never blooming at all.


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