One of Many Firsts

Like many people who love to write, I’ve started a lot of other blogs before.  Most of them are long gone now, with one or two of my favorites still lingering in cyberspace under changed names as souvenirs.  This one feels different, though; I think this one will take.

Ostensibly this blog is about my life as an associate at a big law firm.  I’m brand spanking new to the practice, so if you stick around you’ll be able to grow with me as I go on in the business of lawyering.  My target audience, if I had to pin one down, is other young attorneys and law students who look around and wonder if anyone else ever feels like them when nobody ever seems to. 

But really, this blog is for anyone who thinks and feels things and is trying to navigate a career and a life and somehow make the two fit together.  Which is to say, it’s probably for you. 

Most of my posts here will be short, because I don’t have a ton of free time these days and this blog will be one of many things I dedicate it to.  Brevity will allow me to be consistent, though probably not always as detailed in my arguments as I’d like to be.  That’s probably good for me, as I tend to blog long.  But if something I say doesn’t seem thought out very well or you’d just like to hear more on it, call me on the carpet in the comments and I’ll try to pick the thread up again later.  Just do it right – trolls won’t get fed here.  

That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by and reading; with all the trash TV and Internets out there, I know your attention is valuable and I appreciate you spending it on my words here.  Keep checking back and I’ll do my best to keep earning it.


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